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High-precision GNSS for industrial applications: best practice for design and implementation: EMEA

For some industrial applications, high-precision GNSS isn’t just a commercial advantage, it’s a necessity. High-precision GNSS can be the difference between success and failure – in practical terms it equates to increased efficiency, heightened safety, and superior performance. For example, it enables robotic lawnmowers navigating a lawn with cm-level precision, e-scooters gracefully weaving through bustling urban environments, or handheld devices with pinpoint GNSS location data for informed decision-making.

This webinar is your unique gateway to understanding high-precision GNSS and how it can revolutionize industrial applications, from robotic lawnmowers and e-scooters to drones and handheld devices. During this Masterclass we'll delve into the core components of high-precision GNSS – covering GNSS modules, antennas, correction services, and connectivity – as our experts share their insights to help you excel in your engineering and design of precision-critical solutions. Join us to embark on this transformative journey – let’s unlock the future of industrial high-precision GNSS together.



An introduction to high-precision GNSS

Real-world challenges, limitations, and industrial use case

Selection and integration of high-precision GNSS modules and antennas

Band and channel parameters of high-precision GNSS modules

Size and energy consumption considerations

Correction compatibility (NTRIP, VRS, GNSS/signal)

RTK testing and demo

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