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Testing and Certification Services

Achieve certification compliance and get your device to market quickly

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Certification and testing is essential to IoT device development, with considerable bearing on whether a product is released on time – or even at all. Our seasoned experts have deep understanding of the regulatory and carrier requirements that must be met across the world’s regions – and how to meet them. 

Our comprehensive certification and testing portfolio includes a wide range of professional services and management tools, so we can tailor our provision to each customer’s needs. Our global team is far larger than that of almost any single company and, because it supports so many customers across markets, has an in-depth global view of demands in all nations, industries and technologies. This knowledge and experience would be expensive, difficult and time-consuming for all but the largest corporations – involving multiple layers of certification from disparate organizations, as well as local and regional authorities – but we make it easily available to our customers.







The certification process

The WWAN/WWLAN certification process typically consists of of three major checks: regulatoryconformance (which certifies that a device is compliant with the demands of a particular organization or industry), and carrier.

Our expertise and strong relationships with certification organizations enable us to help customers achieve IoT device compliance at speed, which would otherwise be challenging for individual companies.

Testing your device

Achieving certification is more than coordinating with organizations and the submission of paperwork – it’s about testing your IoT device and making sure it actually meets the highest standards. Our pre-scan service, conducted in our own labs, can be used to assess compliance before applying to certification authorities. We also offer our technical support facilities and debugging solutions to address common and unique testing issues.

This pre-test capability is extremely effective because we know what certification authorities look for, so we tailor testing to identify compliance or areas in need of improvement. Our scale means we are able to provide global on-site support which is particularly valuable to specialized vendors that do not necessarily have their own support network in every market in which they operate. You can find a breakdown of major requirements across various regions below.

  • Region
    Carrier mandatory?
    United States FCC GCF Verizon Y
    United States FCC PTCRB AT&T Y
    United States FCC PTCRB T-Mobile Y
    United States FCC PTCRB Sprint Y
    United States FCC PTCRB US Cellular Y
    Canada IC PTCRB Rogers Y
    Canada IC PTCRB Bell N
    Canada IC PTCRB Telus N
    Europe CE GCF Vodafone Global / Deutsche Telekom / Telefonica / BT/ EE / Swisscom / TIM, etc. N
    Australia RCM GCF Telstra N
    Australia RCM GCF Spark N
    China CCC/SRRC/NAL N/A China Telecom / China Mobile / China Mobile, etc. N
    Japan TELEC/JATE N/A NTT DOCOMO / Softbank / KDDI, etc. Y
    Korea KC N/A KT / SKT / LGU+ Y

Why Quectel for testing and certification?

Certification in under 8 weeks (for Quectel customers, based on pre-certified Quectel modules)

Pre-scan service in our own labs

Technical support and debugging solution

Strong relationships with global carriers

Highly experienced and diverse team of global experts

Use Quectel’s scale and expertise to drive down costs

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