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The benefits of Wi-Fi and other short-range technologies in IoT applications

Wi-Fi is a form of connectivity that has come to be the standard for millions of homes and businesses across the globe - just as it connects devices such as TV’s, laptops and mobile phones, Wi-Fi has numerous benefits in IoT applications. Now in its sixth generation, Wi-Fi 6 is a dramatic improvement over its predecessors, with maximum output of 9.6Gbps over Wi-Fi 5's 3.5Gbps, much reduced latency, and superior ability to support multiple devices.

Quectel’s range of brand-new Wi-Fi 6 modules, including the FC6X series, is designed to deliver faster and more secure Wi-Fi experiences than ever before, as well as new Bluetooth audio capabilities. When used in combination with our 5G modules, these offer superior 5G and Wi-Fi 6 performance for MiFi and CPE designed to ensure high-speed connections supporting up to 32 clients at a time, guaranteeing ultrareliable connections for multi-user scenarios such as smart homes, shopping malls, schools and factories. In this Masterclass find out from industry experts the benefits of Wi-Fi in short-range IoT applications, and how to capitalize on this technology in your IoT products.



Wi-Fi and other short-range technologies

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