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Integration between LTE Cat 1 bis and MCU Wi-Fi


11:00 - 13:00 BST (London)

The integration between LTE Cat 1 bis and MCU Wi-Fi is a crucial chapter in the IoT’s development. It enables IoT devices to use both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity based on factors such as network availability, coverage, reliability, and power consumption requirements. This hybrid approach provides flexibility and ensures continuous connectivity even in challenging environments or when one network option is unavailable.

For example, IoT devices equipped with LTE Cat 1 bis and MCU Wi-Fi capabilities can initially connect to a Wi-Fi network for local communication and data exchange. If the Wi-Fi network becomes unavailable or if the device moves out of range, the device can seamlessly switch to LTE connectivity to maintain uninterrupted communication. Conversely, when the device comes back within range of a Wi-Fi network, it can automatically switch back to Wi-Fi connectivity to conserve cellular data usage and use the higher data speeds offered by Wi-Fi networks. In this Masterclass webinar, our experts explain the fundamentals of this integration, providing valuable insights on how it can be effectively implemented for both hardware and software components.

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LTE Cat 1 bis and Wi-Fi product updates

Hardware integration

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