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Fixed wireless access (FWA): bridging the digital divide with Ikotek


09:00 - 11:00 EDT (New York)

FWA offers a cost-effective alternative to fiber for high-speed connectivity

Fixed wireless access (FWA) deployments can use 4G and 5G radio frequencies to provide high-speed internet access without relying on cable-based infrastructure – and, having previously been seen as a poor alternative to fiber, can now rival its performance. FWA can achieve higher-speed connectivity over much longer ranges than Wi-Fi, and provide more reliably continuous service than mobile broadband – while also helping to limit costs when used as an alternative to fiber, by avoiding overheads from the materials, installation and maintenance associated with fiber networks.

FWA uses customer premises equipment (CPE) to connect devices via transmitters at fixed locations – meaning it can be installed more quickly and easily than fiber networks, and that scaling FWA networks is more logistically straightforward. This makes FWA especially useful in helping to bridge the digital divide for those in remote locations which currently lack coverage by high-speed networks, or in developing markets where setting up traditional wired broadband would not be economically feasible – making it a valuable tool in both extending the IoT’s reach and reducing inequality of access and opportunity.

While FWA offers obvious advantages, there are potential complications to consider when deploying this still evolving form of connectivity – for instance around affordability of CPE, how environmental factors such as surrounding objects or weather conditions can affect performance, and line-of-sight connectivity limitations. Ikotek is an IoT ODM with considerable experience in FWA device design – in this Masterclass webinar you can learn about Ikotek’s experience in developing optimal FWA solutions, draw on Ikotek’s expertise to understand relevant hardware and software, and see how Ikotek have made use of this knowledge in proven use cases. Join us to learn more about the market opportunities at hand, and how Ikotek can help you to make a move into this growing space.

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Ikotek’s experience in developing optimal FWA solution designs

Hardware and software: architectural definitions

FWA use cases with demos