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5G RedCap: an overview


10:00 - 12:00 BST (London)

5G RedCap (short for ‘reduced capability’) is a new standard designed to support devices which can benefit from some advantages 5G networks have to offer – in terms of speed, latency and reliability – but which simply do not require the complete range of expensive and energy-demanding capabilities of full 5G. These use cases have needs between those of more demanding 5G applications – which draw on high speed enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and ultra-reliable low latency communications (uRLLC) – and the low throughput, energy-efficient 5G devices at the lower end, which are based on massive machine-type communication (mMTC) technologies. Currently served by LTE Cat 1, Cat 4, Cat 1 bis and LPWA networks, these use cases currently operate within the limits of those older technologies – but many stand to gain from 5G RedCap’s unique proposition of speed, reliability and affordability.

5G RedCap delivers throughput of more than 220Mbps downlink and over 120Mbps uplink which, while far below full 5G’s gigabits of potential speed, is substantially more powerful than NB-IoT or Cat M1, and comparable to more advanced 4G standards – but with much reduced latency over 4G networks, enabling use cases which rely on near real-time data communication. 5G RedCap also includes the benefits of the 5G core, meaning it can support new features such as network slicing and advanced positioning. 5G RedCap can therefore offer some of the key features of 5G at far lower cost – as much as 80% below the expense of full 5G, depending on the scenario – while also greatly reducing energy consumption.

This blend of advanced network capabilities and lower cost positions 5G RedCap as the natural choice for a vast range of existing and upcoming devices, from remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to safety cameras and asset tracking. The market potential for 5G RedCap is therefore immense, with some research indicating as many as 18% of all cellular IoT modules shipped by 2030 are likely to be based on 5G RedCap. Join this Masterclass webinar to learn more about the implications of 5G RedCap for your industry, what advantages may be on offer for your next design, and how we can help you to realize the considerable benefits of this emerging technology.

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