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Simplifying the certification process can accelerate global product releases

Simplifying the certification process is a must for organizations facing a tight product release timeline or who prefer to focus on core competencies

Certification for IoT devices is a process often left until last in the development cycle. But because certification can be lengthy, complex and demanding, leaving too much of this ‘til the end of the line can mean a substantial burden of administration and documentation. This is compounded for international products, where certification may be required for multiple markets. All of this leaves IoT organizations with more sensitive timelines and more susceptible to delayed product launches. For some, delay impedes the business case and can even result in project failure.

The reason certification is often neglected is that developers and designers focus intently on the design, attributes, functionality, performance and features of the devices they create – certification is sometimes only an afterthought. This is particularly true of projects that operate with limited resources or that involve core design competencies.

How to simplify the global certification process

Organizations at risk of finding themselves in this position need to simplify certification processes. The recent Quectel Masterclass ‘Mastering global IoT device certification: your gateway to efficient, cost-effective market entry’ revealed how to undertake efficient certification processes. It explains and differentiates the issues that require paperwork and those that require rigorous testing – both of which are staples in meeting international standards and certification. For example, it’s important for organizations to understand what work is necessary in each jurisdiction, as some accept certification of components that are pre-certified as part of the overall device. Often devices can utilize component certifications to streamline their path to certification, but this is not always the case.

The Masterclass, presented by Quectel’s Certification Director for North America, Seungryoul Yoon, provides an overview of the certification steps, explaining the mandatory and non-essential criteria. Understanding these are essential in forming a product development strategy which has a means to accelerate certification and compliance, ultimately leading to shorter time-to-market.

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