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From RedCap to automotive, new capabilities are enabling new 5G use cases

As the industry coalesces around new standards, it opens up possibilities for new 5G use cases

The promises of 5G are rapidly materializing into a broad spectrum of use cases, each with unique requirements. As 5G technology matures, new capabilities and variants are surfacing, extending its reach across various applications. With the advent of 3GPP Release 18, the landscape of 5G capabilities has significantly expanded, accommodating a wider array of applications. The challenge for developers now lies in comprehending the incoming 5G innovations while maximizing the utilization of earlier releases.

IoT webinars explain new 5G use cases

The recent Quectel Masterclass, ‘Introduction to new 5G capabilities and a guide to 3GPP releases‘, explained some of these emerging capabilities. Conducted by Ashutosh Das, a Senior Field Application Engineer at Quectel, the Masterclass explored technologies like massive multiple-input multiple-output (mMIMO), beamforming, and enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). Additionally, it shed light on a diverse range of 5G module portfolios, including those designed for eMBB and 5G reduced capability (RedCap).

RedCap is particularly noteworthy as it introduces a new set of capabilities to the Internet of Things (IoT). By enabling applications that demand the high reliability and low latency of 5G but with speeds between ultra-eMBB and low power wide area (LPWA) networks, RedCap strikes a balance between cost and speed. This makes it a suitable fit for many IoT use cases. The Quectel Masterclass, ‘New 3GPP Release 17 5G modules based on SDX35 and SDX7x platforms from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.‘, elaborated on the potential of RedCap modules.

The Masterclass highlighted how Quectel integrates Qualcomm’s SDX35 with its modules to enable capabilities that leverage 5G for specific needs, optimizing resource usage. Mike Zhou, Senior 5G Product Manager at Quectel, detailed the 5G RedCap module roadmap and shared valuable insights into expected 5G RedCap applications.

Shifting focus to the other end of the performance spectrum, 5G advancements are propelling the development of sophisticated automotive features such as real-time vehicle health monitoring, C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything), and autonomous vehicle technologies. These use cases demand ultra-high-speed data, very low latency, and high device density per cell. With the automotive industry now requiring support for autonomous vehicles and infotainment, the emphasis is on ultra-reliable low latency communications (uRLLC).

Ratan Yadav, Field Application Engineer at Quectel, recently explained C-V2X and its use cases in a Quectel Masterclass titled ‘How 5G will shape the future of automotive technology.’ The Masterclass delves into how uRLLC and high-speed data form the foundation for a new wave of use cases in the automotive industry. It explains the impact of 5G on the future of automotive technology, detailing the transition from 4G to 5G and how vehicle capabilities are evolving with the introduction of new technology.

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