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Management Motivations: Speed is stimulating so seek out dynamic environments

Management Motivations is a new series of articles by Quectel’s senior executives that explores their management styles, approaches to the challenges of further developing the company and what drives them to lead and succeed.

No. 2: Speed is stimulating so seek out dynamic environments

I like dynamic environments and growth stories with lots of activity. I love organizations that are in the high double-digit growth phase. Quectel today is in the rapid growth phase of the hockey stick curve that I’ve seen before at previous employers. However, the speed of this multiplication at Quectel is just breathtaking.

I joined Quectel because I was looking for a new challenge. I had been privileged to be in the IoT market for 22 years and to work with market leaders during that time. However, it was evident that a focused, nimble and flexible Chinese player would become the future market leader. I already knew Patrick Qian, our CEO and founder, and found him to be a very interesting character and I was impressed by his motivations, how he thinks and his competency. It’s unique to have a hands-on CEO who is also the founder of a US$3bn company and is also highly customer-centric. He has tremendous understanding of the global market and its technological needs.

One of the main advantages is that Quectel is much quicker and far more effective in executing its strategies compared to the slow-moving incumbents. We have a distinct customer-first strategy which is based on the broadest product portfolio and the best technical support and this is enabling customers to develop solutions quickly and create cost efficient solutions which prevail in the global market.

Quectel has enormous momentum and even during the Covid-19 pandemic, with reduced face-to-face meeting possibilities with customers, we have been able to continue our work with customers. Don’t forget, customers haven’t stopped either and they’re using their time to work hard on their own portfolios and product development. Our activity level is very high and also the results of the EMEA team are extremely good right now.

It’s a challenge to keep up progress but it’s one we can address effectively. I see it as just another variation in business for us to overcome and keep on the path to success.

Look out for my next blog: “Overcome cultural differences by showing respect and focusing on the technology”.