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Management Motivations: No challenge is too big if you break it down into specific parts

Management Motivations: How Quectel executives lead to succeed

Management Motivations is a new series of articles by Quectel’s senior executives that explores their management styles, approaches to the challenges of further developing the company and what drives them to lead and succeed.

Number 1: No challenge is too big if you break it down into specific parts

I have been with Quectel since the very beginning and if you think of what we’ve achieved in a relatively short time, an outsider would describe this as an enormous and impossible challenge. However, I don’t see any challenge as being insurmountable. I simply set very clear and straight targets and break down challenges into their individual parts. Solving challenges is about setting tasks and achieving goals, it’s a simple equation of apportioning time and resources to get results. I don’t accept excuses – if the resources and time have been correctly devoted to addressing a task, the result should follow. My management style is therefore very simple and very efficient.

I previously worked with CEO Patrick Qian, and his personal characteristics were important to me because I could see he’s an innovator who knows the products and the technology and has a very clear long-term view. He’s very ambitious and also works very hard to achieve his targets. It’s not easy to succeed in this world so having a colleague that is very ambitious, very clear and very hard working is vital for any company.

Quectel’s strength is that we have established an attitude of working with the customer this is a strong advantage compared to other companies. We don’t want to do things customers don’t want. Any customer request gets very fast feedback and a good response. We’re not like a relaxed company that has internal processes that don’t respect the customer. We always put the customer first and have their goals in mind as our priority. Patrick certainly has this attitude and I think it’s now embedded into the Quectel spirit that all employees share.

If I look back on our progress, it’s pleasing to see how far we have come but we will certainly be maintaining our focus and keeping up the pressure to innovate and serve our customers. We have outstanding portfolios of modules from 2G to 5G and Cat M and our footprint is global. We have many functions locally in different countries and we’re really an international company compared to our Chinese competitors. This means we can be closer to our customers and react to their needs more efficiently.

Look out for my next blog where I will be discussing: Handling hyperscale deployments and fragmented customer demands.