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Why high-precision GNSS could ensure your industrial device is perfectly positioned

High-precision GNSS provides the capability to accurately and precisely locate devices and enable them to communicate. The technology has evolved to deliver centimeter-level accuracy so users can easily locate devices such as e-scooters and companies can ensure their devices and equipment can operate in geo-fenced areas and comply with regulations. Enabling increased efficiency, improved safety and superior device or service performance, high-precision GNSS can truly be the difference between success and failure for a growing number of IoT applications.

Adoption is on the increase thanks to a steady arrival of new applications coming to market that rely on accurate, precise positioning. For example, robotic lawnmowers can now navigate a lawn with centimeter-level precision so only the lawn is trimmed – and not the flowers at the edge. E-scooters meanwhile can ride happily through urban environments, but not through play areas or high-speed roads because they are accurately geo-fenced. Finally, handheld devices with pinpoint GNSS location data can enable informed decision-making.

High-precision GNSS can be complex to integrate but the widespread adoption is a signpost of how willing the market is to overcome these challenges, and in doing so adoption is becoming simpler. This in turn is revolutionizing industrial applications.

A recent Quectel Masterclass has set out how GNSS benefits applications and shared how best to adopt and deploy the technology. The Masterclass, ‘High-precision GNSS for industrial applications: best practice for design and implementation EMEA’ explains how the technology can help and what its key attributes are. It covers core components such as GNSS modules, antennas, correction services and connectivity and sets out how to optimize engineering for precision-critical solutions.

Presented by Victor Pinazo, an Antenna PDM for EMEA at Quectel, and Chang Xu, the GNSS Product Manager EMEA at Quectel, the Masterclass provides an introduction to high-precision GNSS, explores the practical challenges and limitations alongside industrial use cases. It also details how to select and integrate high-precision GNSS modules and antennas, accommodating size and energy consumption considerations. Further information on the band and channel parameters of high-precision GNSS compatibility are shared, as well as explanation of correction capabilities including NTRIP, VRS and GNSS/signal. A further Masterclass on the subject for the North America region was held in January 2024, this can be viewed here.

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