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Beyond smartness: what happens next?

The closer we get to a smarter world – where services across the globe are connected as a matter of course – the more teasing becomes the question of how much smarter we can make it. Greater smartness will mean enormous intelligence and capability layered on to the basic infrastructure of connected, smart devices. These devices will interact with each other in ever-more complex, automated operations and will be underpinned by ultra-low latency, high throughput, near limitless edge computing resources and, of course, the most sophisticated IoT modules and antennas.

An insight into an increasingly connected, smarter world

To a large degree, greater smartness will be linked with the ever-deepening interactions made between hardware, systems and networks. All of which will result in increased understanding between service provider and customer, providing the highly customized products created with minimal resources and expenditure. For example, a farming app might monitor soil conditions to understand how much fertilizer to add – but this data will also feed into merchants’ pricing of the crop, supermarket buyers’ plans for the crop yield, farm equipment providers’ understanding of how maintenance will be impacted this season, banks’ understanding of financing implications, and governments’ awareness of potential food shortages or employment.

Achieving a shift to this kind of smartness involves thinking beyond the initial systems that the IoT device was deployed to enable and then going still further. At Quectel, this is the approach by which we live – the IoT solutions we create for the present are also the very foundations that need to build on in future generations. In this way, a farming app can help a food distributor plan ahead at the same time as highlighting potential shortages that could inhibit patient health. Bringing smartness and quality of life improvements to all remains our mission, and so we’ll continue to dedicate our efforts into the best way we know how, by creating smart IoT solutions that connect services and people across all corners of the globe.