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Accelerate your market entry with Quectel certification support

Certification support can make all the difference in achieving a timely product release

To connect to a cellular network, all devices must have carrier certification. For many organizations, this is a long-winded and complex process well outside the traditional sphere of operation and requires substantial time and effort to prepare certification applications. The challenge is compounded by certification requirements for multiple carriers in each region of operation. Certification also can’t be left until later because carriers undertaking this process often have long lead times. For these reasons, it’s vital to think of certification – and how you will achieve it – as early as possible in the development phase.

A recent Quectel Masterclass, titled ‘IoT device certification part III’, examined the specific issues relating to IoT hardware certification in North America. Presented by a Quectel specialist, the Masterclass contains useful information on the core requirements of FCC and PTCRB regulations and sets out how North American carriers approach certification. Verizon and AT&T for example have similar requirements from devices that they will allow certification for, but each have their own distinct processes that must be followed. The Quectel Masterclass ‘IoT device certification part III’ is designed for those looking to understand more about IoT hardware certification in North America. It contains an in-depth explanation of the requirements for FCC, PTCRB and major carrier certification in North American markets.

This foundational information has been expanded with an additional Quectel Masterclass – ‘How to meet North American IoT certification requirements more efficiently’. This Masterclass is designed for organizations looking to understand how to meet North American IoT certification requirements. Whether your device is in ideation, planning, design, or has already been manufactured, this Masterclass guides you on the most appropriate steps for readying your product in the world’s largest market. It provides an in-depth explanation of the requirements for FCC, PTCRB and major carrier certification in North America. The webinar also explains how Quectel Testing Services can simplify and accelerate the certification testing process.

Certification support reduces complexity

Of course, for many developers, certification can be viewed as a job in its own right. The complexity has resulted in a series of certification providers emerging who will manage the process on behalf of developers and draw on their experiences to streamline the process and address any issues speedily. For some this is too expensive, while for others the utilization of pre-certified components can help speed up the process.

It’s important to note that usage of some types of pre-integrated components can result in a certified device, but for others this will not be the case. It is therefore essential to understand the intricacies of each carrier’s specifications and their attitude to allowing use of certified components in relation to full device certification. Certainly, in some scenarios use of pre-certified components can speed up and simplify gaining overall device certification even if that does not result in immediate certification of the device itself.

Quectel have recently launched its Quectel Certification Services which formalize the company’s offerings to help customers gain IoT device certifications. To achieve this, Quectel has drawn on its long experience and in-depth knowledge built up through many years of module certification. To further help customers, Quectel now offers a pre-scan service in its own labs so certification compliance can be assessed before applying to certification authorities, thereby saving time on non-compliant certification applications.

Quectel also offers technical support facilities and debugging solutions to address certification issues. Quectel’s capabilities include project management, all paperwork tasks, dealing with labs and carriers, checking the test scope and making the minimum test scope, providing the necessary on-site support and providing testing and debugging. In addition, Quectel will fix issues as they arise and negotiate waivers where appropriate.

Quectel’s extensive capabilities are explained in the recent Quectel Masterclass titled ‘IoT certification: Cost-effective and simple IoT certification’ which, in addition to showcasing Quectel’s certification services, details how organizations can free up more time to focus on their core competencies and get to market at speed.

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