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Archives: Industries

Commercial telematics

Commercial telematics Vehicles used by businesses and governments are increasingly equipped during manufacture with telematics systems which transmit location and other data – enhancing efficiency and productivity by helping to manage vehicle fleets and coordinate supply chains, emergency services, household deliveries. $64bn Commercial telematics market value by 2030 14% Annual market growth during this decade […]

Fixed wireless access

Fixed wireless access For the many communities not served by fixed broadband, mobile connectivity is a vital lifeline to the outside world. 4G and 5G networks now are being used to provide fixed wireless access (FWA) – a wireless substitute for broadband in the home or workplace. Market potential is huge for FWA: about 40% […]

Remote monitoring and control

Remote monitoring and control Total IoT connections will double between 2019 and 2025, reaching 24 billion worldwide – and the desire of companies and consumers alike to remotely monitor and control assets is among the key drivers of this growth. As well as saving time and boosting productivity, remote monitoring and control (RMAC) systems are helping humanity […]

Digital signage

Digital signage Across all walks of life – in communities, workplaces, shopping malls, transport networks and more – the digitization of signage is enabling more sophisticated, adaptive and targeted communication. Its impact is demonstrable – people exposed to digital signage are for instance likely to spend longer engaging with them, and stand a higher chance […]


Telehealth IoT technologies have been transforming the global healthcare industry for some years, as connectivity unlocks new possibilities in clinical settings, the home and beyond. With populations aging, and the prevalence of chronic health conditions growing worldwide, the need for predictive and preventative healthcare has never been greater – driving demand for testing and treatments […]

Smart metering and smart grid

Smart metering and smart grid The utilities sector is a natural fit for connected technologies, and is already being fundamentally transformed with the IoT’s development. Connectivity allows utilities companies to move beyond centralised and inefficient practices, to adopt nimble, responsive and automated systems, closer to the point of need. In a sector where assets are […]


Payment Wireless, connected payment devices have already been widely embraced, having enabled far greater convenience in everyday transactions. Moreover, in a post-COVID world where many are now sceptical of handling cash, it’s rapidly becoming not only the preferred payment method, but the default: in 2020, the preference for cash went down globally to as little […]


Automotive The automotive industry is among the IoT’s highest growth areas, and will only become more so over the next decade. The promise of connected vehicles is enormous: use cases enable improved road safety, efficient traffic management, smart navigation, crime deterrence, and passenger entertainment to name just a few. As smart cities take shape over […]

Asset tracking

Asset tracking Secure transportation of goods is essential.  Whether the daily delivery of food, medical supplies or consumer goods, ensuring that cargo remains preserved, untampered with and reliably located is central to any economy. Nonetheless, across the globe, asset tracking and management requires serious improvement. In Europe alone, annual losses from cargo theft exceed €8 […]